Fortin Racing can get you set up with the perfect Torque Converter or Clutch for your application. We have TCS Converters, Tilton or Kennedy Clutches built custom for your vehicle.
tiltonstarter1.jpg Tilton Starters
Price: $0.00
tiltonclutch1.jpg Tiilton Clutch
Price: $0.00
remoterelief1.jpg Remote Relief Valve
Price: $165.00
t.converter1.jpg Torque Converter
Price: $1,930.00
t.converterbolts.jpg Torque Converter bolts
Price: $15.00
t.c.pumptrans1.jpg T/C Pump off Transaxle
Price: $630.00
t.c.flexplate.jpg Torque Converter Flex Plate
Price: $72.00
t.c.crankspacer1.jpg Torque Converter Crank Spacer
Price: $42.00
tilton.starter.adapter1.jpg Tilton Starter Adapter
Price: $79.00