To withstand the greater CV angle, Fortin Racing has developed new CV cages to replace 930 and 934.5 cages. Don't attempt this kind of rear wheel travel with any other CV cage. They simply won't take it! Fortin CV cages are a little bigger and a little thicker. Made from 300m material and the perfect heat treat. The cages come with a precision super finish and polished edges and corners.
In addition to our hubs and CV cages, inboard CV boot flanges for 934.5 CV joints are also available.
Our flanges feature:

•Double lip for two boots, rubber inner and leather outer
•Greater rear wheel travel
•CNC machined, heat treated steel alloy
•Black oxide finish
934cvjoint1 934 CV Joint
Price: $530.00
930cvjoint1 930 CV Joint
Price: $326.50
930cvcage 930/934 CV Cage
Price: $85.00
rb1 930/934 Rubber
Price: $29.00
leather Leather CV
Price: $75.00
03CVFLANGE Double Boot
Price: $105.20