Power Steering

Fortin Racing developed the first Power Rack in 1991 to meet the steering demand created from the use of A-arm front suspension in off-road race cars and recreational vehicles. The Power rack is a self contained rack and pinion and power steering ram unit. The unit mounts easily to the front bulk head of most a-arm off-road cars. The unit can be used in front and rear spindle steer configurations. The current line of Power Racks include the new PR2 all billet aluminum alloy steering unit. Available with a 2" or 2.5" ram. The all new PRB steering unit has a 2" ram and is designed for use on beam front end vehicles. The PR2 2.0 and PRB racks are available with the power steering control valve mounted directly to the unit.

The PR2 2.5 is currently winning races around the world on a monthly basis on unlimited race vehicles with 35" tires or larger. The PR2 2.0 has become the rack of choice for short course race cars; picking up multiple race victories in the 2008 CORR Pro Buggy race season.
RAMIREZ.png corr1.gif

2.0prb1 PRB 2.0 w/Control Valve
Price: $1,667.00
2.5powerrack1 PR2 2.5 Power Rack
Price: $1,610.00
2.0powerrack1 PR2 2.0 Power Rack
Price: $1,314.00
2.0controlvalve1 2.0 Control Valve
Price: $310.00
p.s.u-joints1 Steering U-joints
Price: $59.00
power.rack.seal.kit1 Rebuild Seal Kits
Price: $55.00
2.0-5str.mnt1 PR2 2.0/2.5 Steering Mounts
Price: $0.00
2.5controlvalve1 2.5 Power Steering Servo
Price: $621.11