PGR 01 - Planetary Gear Reduction

Price: $6,900.00
Pro2 and Trophy Truck Gear Reduction
  • Designed to bolt directly to auto Transmission
  • Planetary reduction for minimal horsepower loss
  • Unit weights only 34 LBS!
  • Only 8.34" from trans mounting surface to center of yoke
  • After removal of T400 tail housing the unit gains only one inch in overall length
  • Available in 1.42 to 1.56:1 reduction ratios

Fortin Racing Gear Reduction

Our new gear reduction is now tested and availble for purchase. Based on a unit we have run in the Red Bull Pro2 truck of Ricky Johnson for the past year and a half, our all new design (PGR 01)is more compact (only 8.34" long), lighter (34 lbs) and stronger! This unit was built to not only withstand the abuse of a 900 HP Pro2 but was also designed to be raced in Unlimited Trophy Trucks with 39" tires.

The PGR 01 is currently being run in Ricky Johnson's Red Bull Pro2 and Dale Dondel's Racer Eng. Pro2 and trophy trucks with 39" tires and over 1000 race miles on the same unit without a single problem.

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