PRB 2.0 w/Control Valve

Price: $1,667.00
PRB 2.0 Power Rack
  • The only power rack designed specifically for beam front end vehicles
  • A single self contained unit that mounts directly to the front beam
  • 2.0" piston
  • 4.25" travel
  • Integrated servo mounts directly to the rack

Beam front end power steering rack and pinion

The PRB 2.0 has become very popular for 1/1600 and 5/1600 race vehicles, for its light, compact and strong design.

The power rack is made from a sigle piece of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, hard anodized. Eliminating the need for an external ram to be mounted to the beam. The control valve is mounted directly to the unit also.

The rack and pinion gears are made from heat treated alloys. The piston shafts are heat treated ground stainless.

This rack is designed to be the last rack you will ever need to buy for your beam front suspension vehicle.

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