Rear Hubs

Fortin Long Travel Rear Hubs were first introduced in 1991. The hubs are designed to be used with a-arm or trailing arm rear wheel drive race cars. Fortin Hubs feature sealed wheel bearings and CV joints. Unlike other rear hubs on the market, Fortin Hubs have an internal CV boot that rotates with the axle, eliminating dust, water and mud from entering the wheel bearings and CV joints. The hubs can be traveled up to 32 degrees. Class 1 cars currently run the hubs with 25-26 degrees down angle with over 300 Hp. Class 10 cars run the hubs with 28-32 degrees down angle.
Fortin Hubs feature:
•Longer wheel travel
•Sealed wheel bearings and CV joints
•Zero brake pad bump, better braking
•11-5/8" vented brake rotors
•934.5 CV joints
•All CNC machined billet and heat treated steel alloys
•Up to 32 degrees down angle

930Hub1 930 Rear Hub
Price: $4,733.00
750rearhub1 3/4" 934 Rear Hub
Price: $5,265.00
375rearhub1 3/8" 934 Rear Hub
Price: $4,906.00
6on6.5RH1 6 on 6.5 Rear Hubs
Price: $6,250.00
750rotor1 750 Rotor
Price: $240.00
930rotor 930 Rotor
Price: $125.00
calipers1 624 & 633 Brake Calipers
Price: $387.00
brake.pads1 624 & 633 Brake Pads
Price: $88.00
750.ta.plate1 3/4" Rear Hub Trailing Arm Plate
Price: $120.00
930.ta.plate1 930 Rear Hub Trailing Arm Plate
Price: $110.00
rearhubcaps Hub Caps
Price: $69.00